Get your Jazzed Desserts!

Jazzed Desserts events are like mini house concerts.* The main difference is that the entire event takes less time than just the concert portion of a standard house concert, making them perfect for a weeknight treat. They feature a performance by either Hobbit & Hare or Howlin’ Hobbit solo.

Jazzed Desserts come in two flavors: a casual dinner with 8 to 12 guests or a larger gathering of 10 to 24 folk sampling a dessert table. Either flavor is followed by a brief concert of jazz standards, hokum and novelty tunes for you and your guests. Everyone gets chat time with the evening’s act. The $10 per guest suggested donation goes to the musician(s).

What better reason to have friends over than to experience a fun and intimate concert as well as congenial company and good eats? They’re simple to host and require minimal time and expense.

A Jazzed Desserts evening’s schedule looks like this:

Greet, eat and converse: 30 minutes
Stretch and get comfortable in the concert area: 5 minutes
The concert itself: 40 minutes
Wrap up and farewells: 15 minutes
Total time: 90 minutes

To book a Jazzed Desserts concert, or if you have further questions, use my contact form or email [email protected].

* To find out more about house concerts check out Concerts In Your Home. It’s where the idea for Jazzed Desserts came from.