Accidental Rhino

Accidental Rhino is an ad hoc band, hand selected from his large pool of insanely talented friends by its chief instigator, Howlin’ Hobbit. While mainly appearing as a trio or quartet, rumors from all the best circles intimate that the Rhino has been spotted in the wild as large as a sextet!

Accidental Rhino are basically a living, breathing, howling acid flashback to the smokey cabarets of the Weimer era. They created the perfect soundscape for The Poetry Brothel.” — Stephanie Berger (Madame of the Poetry Brothel)

Accidental Rhino plays a variety of jazz standards from the Tin Pan Alley era as well as original tunes by Howlin’ Hobbit, covers of friend’s songs, and a smattering of other material ranging from Novelty to Noir. In addition to Hobbit’s ukulele, Accidental Rhino has featured violin, trumpet, upright bass, tuba, accordion, guitarron, saxophone, melodica, and various percussion.

Accidental Rhino has been spotted all over the Puget Sound area and beyond at weddings, farmers markets, traveling variety shows, private parties, summer festivals, and more.

Accidental Rhino would love to help make your event memorable. Let’s talk!