Small Victories

It’s rather a sad state of affairs when the two “big” victories in your day are:
1. Finally sussing out how to configure the text editor on your Android phone so that it’s actually… you know… usable.
2. Finding some small, inexpensive steaks at a “buy 1 get 1 free” price.

Though I must add that said text editor makes it easier for me to take care of a small but significant number of business-related tasks from my phone. This is maybe not awesome, but it certainly approaches groovy.

When you’re often spending a greater portion of your day twiddling your thumbs waiting for your turn to play a set and maybe even earn a little money, being able to take care of other business via a very small bit of tech on or about your person gains one a whole new outlook on life.

Also, the steak was tasty and I even have the other one to offer to my sweet Fallen Angel if she’s hungry when she returns from her evening endeavors.

But lawsy I’m tired. Busking with Sketch on the last day of the season for the Wallingford Farmers Market was simply pitiful. Not, I hasten to add, that this had anything to do with Sketch being there. In fact, playing with him was the bright note.

It was more in the nature of the weather suddenly “going south” from the weather-guessers predictions, combined with a really small crowd and a couple rude buskers (and hawkers) who have no idea of “street protocol.”

Also the hat was paltry. And that’s putting it in the best possible light.

But that was then, however short a time ago, and this is now.

Now I’m going to leave a note re: the remaining steak for my sweetie and then go upstairs and put my half-hour of practice in on my 3o day project to learn The Entertainer on ukulele. I’m about a third of the way through it and making some good progress.

Then I’m going to crawl into bed and gracefully pass out. Accompanied by Jack the Lad (my extremely large cat) if he’s amenable.

And I’ll be grateful for these small victories. And Jack’s amazing purr too, if he deigns to join me.

And for you, too. With thanks ever so for putting up with this little rant. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your kind attention.

Be well!

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