An AFP moment

the bandstand at St Clouds

the bandstand at St Clouds, just before we played

A couple weeks back Snake Suspenderz went out, en masse, to the Ballard Farmers Market and busked a couple of hours. While we were performing, a local author of some fame was watching us. Apparently not for the first time.

The upshot being that a week ago the Snakez played a lovely gig at St Clouds restaurant in the Madrona neighborhood of Seattle, that being the author’s favorite restaurant. See, he had always thought that we’d be a good match for the folks there, and so took it upon himself to set up a gig for us and pay for it out of his own pocket.

Generously too.

Better yet, the smallish room allowed us to work with no more sound reinforcement than the one small amp you see in the picture. And that was just to amplify the solos that Thadd took on that hollow body guitar. I used my nice Glyph ukulele and it was clearly heard, even during the times I wasn’t just grinding out rhythm chords.

The crowd was smallish, like the room, but as enthusiastic as if they were part of a horde at an arena concert. They even applauded my small efforts at playing jazz solos on the ukulele. Bless their little cotton socks!

It was a wonderful show, on all sorts of levels.

So what’s all this rambling have to do with Amanda Palmer?It’s simple. AFP is one of my big-time music heroes, bravely charting her course through the minefields of today’s “music scene” and in the process making lots of art and much of her life into an adventure. She’s worked hard for more than a decade and is just starting to reap the benefits of the seeds she’s sown.

Knowing all this doesn’t always stifle the little pang of jealousy when I read another one of her gig stories. It’s not, “why does she get all the luck?” because she worked for it. It’s simply, “I want some of that!”

It wasn’t until the day after the St Clouds show that it hit me. What was my problem here? I had just experienced an AFP moment in my own life.

I got some of that.

I mean… the band was fun, a fan was formed, the fan—simply out of the goodness of his own heart—blessed us with a great gig, complete with payday!

I used to call these sort of things “rock star moments” and I’ve been blessed with a few. But “rock star” puts it into the category of the fading musical past and I am, willy nilly, living in the present and hurtling rapidly towards the future.

I need to start being more aware of and enjoying these moments as they happen. Not that I wasn’t having a blast at the time, I just didn’t quite cop to the scope of the mitzvah as it was unfolding.

I think being aware of the wonder at the time it’s wonderful will make my music better. (Couldn’t hurt, right?) And I know it does great things for my state of mind.

I’ll work on this.

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