A little bit of press from last month

HH at the 38th Annual Ballard Seafood Festival - 7-13-2012

Howlin' Hobbit at the 38th Annual Ballard Seafood Festival - 7-13-2012

I don’t know if I blogged about this before or if I just tweeted, posted on G+ or otherwise did the “social network” thing. And I’m too lazy and tired to look it up right now.

But on the 16th of July the Ballard News-Tribune featured a slide-show of stuff from the 38th Annual Ballard Seafood Fest and I was part of it. Not only the photo appeared there however… there’s also a nice little paragraph and a link to my site.

The photo was taken by Zachariah Bryan for the News-Tribune on the 13th of July, whilst I was busking with my trusty ol’ Glyph soprano ukulele. I think it captures my odd old butt pretty good.

The busking was OK that day. I got a reasonable amount of dollars and a free seafood taco. Yeah! Delicious noms!

Zachariah is talking with me about doing a feature article about my very own self in the paper. If we can get together soon it’ll be more than just a bit of press.

Do stay tuned and cross your fingers for me.

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