New progress on an old song

The first song I ever put together a chord solo part for is All Of Me. It’s basically playing the melody from within the chords of the song with a few extra twiddly bits thrown in here and there. For a long time now when I’m playing solo I’ve been playing it the same way. Start with a little intro bit, do the solo part, sing it, tag it and then stop.

However, if I’m playing with my band the arrangement is start with the intro, do the solo, sing it, Thadd takes a solo, sing it again, tag it and then stop. This is a much more traditional sort of jazz arrangement. But I couldn’t do it alone. Just didn’t have the chops. And repeating the same exact solo is pretty lame.

I’ve been thinking about this a while and the other day I was just noodling about with the solo bit and I was suddenly doing things a lot different than I ever have before.

I have learned some stuff over the years!

Nothing flaming hot, you understand, but at least different. Now I had a direction to go.

So tonight I sat in the dining room with my ukulele and my android phone—I downloaded a little chord finder app for it—and between what I could figure out myself and some alternate chord positions I looked up on the app, I’ve come up with a second chord solo for the tune.

Not only is it not the same as the first one, but I actually can mess around with it a bit on the fly so that it’s not exactly the same every time I play it.

The legends of jazz aren’t exactly quaking in their loafers, but I’m feeling pretty good about it.

In fact, I’m feeling pretty jazzy.

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2 Responses to New progress on an old song

  1. Nice one. I also tend to reverse engineer some of the chords my fingers come up with. Often they sound a lot better than they… er, what their names sound like.

    • HH says:

      sometimes I “reverse engineer” but lots of times I just look it up. that task has gotten a lot easier since I got that little chord finder phone app. shows me 3 or 4 positions for a ton of different chord types.

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