Sartorial Splendor, hipster style

Hipster Haute Couture

Hipster Haute Couture

You know, I’m not exactly averse to oddball looks.

(See just about any recent picture of me for proof of this.)

So generally I’m not one to point and laugh at other folks oddball looks. But this is truly amazing.

The most astonishing part of it all is not the look itself, nor the fact that he did it on purpose, but the fact that he obviously went through some trouble and expense to achieve this… errrmm… fashion statement.

Of course, I’m not really sure what is meant by the statement, but that might just be because I’m all old and un-hip and suchlike.

BTW… if you can stand it, click on the picture and it’ll take you to the full-sized image. Pay close attention to the shoes. (Accessorize, darlings!)

(hat tip to various tweeps who’re spreading this wonder all over twitter this morning.)
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2 Responses to Sartorial Splendor, hipster style

  1. Keith Povall says:

    I think some sandals would have set that outfit off a treat

    • HH says:

      Keith, not only are you correct, but I must thank you very much for being the first in the last multiple thousands of comments that was actually a comment instead of the product of a spam bot.

      You’ve restored my faith.

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