Sometimes people don’t suck

I found this on the Agitator, posted by Kate Klonick, who’s one of Radley Balko’s guest bloggers whilst he’s flitting about the Balkans on vacation.

She posted it on Saturday, hence her title of Your Saturday Sometimes-People-Dont-Suck Video. She sez:

It was Disability Awareness Day at Fenway Park and an autistic man was singing the national anthem. Everything was going fine, until he suddenly started to struggle half-way through. It only took half a beat for the whole stadium to join in and help him through the rest.

Call me an old, out of touch fart, or any other name you like, but this sort of thing gives me a little touch of hope in a world that I sometimes feel is beyond all such.

Yeah, there was some laughter at first, but it didn’t feel so much derisive as it was joining in with the man’s own laughter. As soon as the audience realized he really was struggling, they raised their voices with him, and all of them sang the anthem through to the end.

Look at the expressions on both the autistic gentleman’s and the ASL translator lady’s faces when this happens. Awe and joy.

Every now and again people really don’t suck.

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